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Stories of Choice wants to spread the message of hope and compassion. We share real stories of abortion and the triumphs of choosing life. We believe your story has power!

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Here at Stories of Choice, we aren't anybody special. We are just women, who have our own stories, and want to help other women. We care and will help direct you to resources for help and healing near you. We know that hope is needed when faced with challenging circumstances and there is power in not feeling alone. Through all of our endeavors, we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

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We have seen the power of women sharing the truth, challenges, pain and the regret of their abortion. Regret and pain aren't subjects that are really embraced or encouraged in the narrative of abortion but it's common and we want to help women that are considering an abortion hear and see your story.  Often these stories can be a source of tremendous encouragement for a woman facing a hard decision to choose life for her baby or to know that she is not alone in her pain and regret either.  We understand first hand that not every woman is ready to share,  but we hope that you will consider this and that through your story,  more woman will  share theirs as well.  We would love to hear from you.


15 years ago, my wife was pregnant with our first and we were overjoyed. Ultrasound showed the umbilical cord not getting enough blood, which leads to genetic and developmental problems. Doc tried telling us we should abort. Emily is now 14 and brings so much light to the world.

Josh Madore

My father-in-law was born poor and black in rural, segregated MI. His mother tried to abort him; procedure failed. He went on to be a pastor who lifted the lives of countless others; 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. A stunning legacy because one baby survived abortion.

Kira Davis

I experienced an unplanned pregnancy at 18 and chose to have an abortion. It was a traumatic experience and I still wonder all the time who my son would be today. Stop telling women abortion is their ultimate freedom. I never felt empowered by it.

Rebekah Ferro