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Do you feel loved?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Do you feel loved? How much time do we spend thinking about love throughout our lifetimes? It's been the #1 topic for every generation. Our song lists prove it. We love to love and be loved. We NEED to love and be loved. But why do most of us feel so unloved? What if the hardwiring we have to love and be loved was all part of a plan? Can a person feel loved without knowing the lover? Could a woman have fulfillment or feel loved if she didn't know the author of the deepest affections for her? Deep down we all long for the kind of love that nobody we know seems to be able give us with any sort of longevity or consistency. It's like we are chasing a unicorn--a fairytale. Love isn't an emotion or a feeling. Love isn't butterflies in the stomach or a thundering heartbeat in the presence of another and love isn't found in the bedsheets. " God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them."- 1 John 4:16 -Read 1 John 4 to understand the plan of God. Our Creator and Designer made us to be in a loving relationship with Him; to know Him and love Him. That was the whole purpose of our creation. So when we seek to find love without God, we are practicing an act of futility. It is contrary to our very design. Not everyone wants to hear or believe that they can't be fulfilled in love without God, but just look around. Doesn't this God rejecting world look very unloving and broken to you? I for one and very thankful for a loving Creator Who made a way for me to love and be loved. "We love because he first loved us."- 1 John 4:19

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